Warmest wishes from Dyslexia International


Dear Friends of Dyslexia International – Colleagues and Associates,

On behalf of Dyslexia International and Literacy International, please accept our warm wishes and kindly check our news headlines and call for action below:

1. Free online teacher training materials and Open Courseware

Thanks to your drive and on-going support our Coursera MOOC,  Supporting children with difficulties in reading and writing, co-produced with the University of London, has enrolled well over 32,000 users as of mid-December, in more than 160 countries, with numbers rising.

See here for examples of the feedback.

NB While the course itself is free of charge, London University, on request, offers a validation certificate for a modest fee to users who complete the course.

Please be sure to keep referrals coming! The more trained teachers, the more dyslexic learners benefit. This Coursera MOOC in English is now ‘on demand’ i.e. users can join right away/at any time. Other language versions follow.

Our widely acclaimed Open Courseware, Basics for teachers – Dyslexia, How to identify it and What to do, online training prototype in English and French, also free of charge, is now available in Portuguese and Spanish. The Course guide is available in Chinese.

2. DI’s five regional World Dyslexia Forums

Our regional Forums offer local education authorities looking to raise literacy levels and reduce the exclusion the opportunity to meet world experts in reading acquisition and dyslexia. They can then exploring the merits of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programs for all teachers, introduced at national and regional level and the significant cost savings of delivering CPD online or in blended training format.

Coordinating the third in our series of five regional World Dyslexia Forums focusing on the Arab region has proved challenging under current conditions. Nevertheless, the enthusiasm of many of our Arab colleagues is undeterred. A re-formatted program is proposed and, with funding found and agreement of members of the PLANNING COUNCIL members, Dyslexia International would be pleased to proceed with coordinating this Forum to make it as successful as the two previous regional Forums, 2010 and 2014.

World Dyslexia Forum-IV, focusing on the Africa region, is due to take place in 2018.

3. Annual Report 2016

The theme proposed for our forthcoming Annual Report, in line with OECD thinking, is ‘Equity, Excellence and Inclusion’. Dyslexia International strongly advocates for these values using CPD as the just means of promoting quality teaching, and the supporting teachers faced with the high demands of teaching in the inclusive classroom setting.

Our AGM 2017 will take place in Brussels (date and venue to be announced).

Please do check out our News and social media to follow our activities in different areas of our work and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, or if you wish to join our team advocating for dyslexic learners at meetings in UNESCO, Paris.

A very happy New Year to you all, with our warm wishes!

Do please remember to direct more teachers and government officials to our Coursera MOOC, and our other science-based Open Courseware, free of charge.

In doing so are ensuring that many more thousands of children are taught by teachers trained to meet their specific learning needs. No child a failure!

Judith Sanson
on behalf of Dyslexia International, Board of Directors and Literacy International Trustees.