UNESCO Conference: Youth and their social impact

Many thanks to the MiSK Foundation for inviting Dyslexia International to attend the UNESCO Conference ‘Youth and their social impact’ in Saudi Arabia.

The main topics for discussion included climate change, education, leadership and digital citizenship.

Dyslexia International was on hand to network with other NGOs recognised by UNESCO and promote our free, online teacher-training courses.

How do we provide young people with the infrastructure and support they need to have a positive impact on our/their future? This was the key theme that ran throughout the two day event.

Notable keynote speakers included:

• Salam Abukhrdrah, co-founder of SheCab, who stressed the importance of young people moving away from being utilitarian within the workforce to becoming indispensable to the marketplace due to acquired experiences and skillsets;

• Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, who presented the case for elevating the quality and integrity of user-generated content on the internet as well as unveiling his new initiative to combat fake news, WikiTribune;

• Justin Smith, CEO of Bloomberg Media Group, who talked about the mobile revolution, how it has shaken the news industry to the core, and how Bloomberg aim to partner with Twitter in an attempt to provide evidence-based, quality journalism through social media channels; and

• Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis, who covered a range of topics from politics, healthy living, leadership and bringing cultures together through shared knowledge.