Other tools

Checked June 2018

Software to enable recording, importing and editing of audio files, with the ability to export files as MP3. An easy and effective way for tutors to create learning materials or learners to provide assignments in an alternative format.

Audiobook Cutter Free
This application enables users to split digital audio files into shorter sections. The software is designed to be used with audio book files, and once the user has set the initial editing criteria, the application will apply the action to the whole file negating the need for a manual edit.

NoSquint is a Firefox extension that allows you to adjust the default text zoom level, which is useful if you have a small display or run at a very high resolution. NoSquint also remembers the zoom level per site (this feature can be disabled).

Fire Vox
Fire Vox is an open source, freely available talking browser extension for the Firefox web browser. Think of it as a screen reader that is designed especially for Firefox. In addition to the basic features that are expected of screen readers, such as being able to identify headings, links, images, etc. and providing navigational assistance, Fire Vox provides support for MathML and CSS speech module properties. It also works on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.