Online course in Arabic!

We are proud to announce that an adaptation of our course is now available in Arabic.

This is thanks to the the dedicated efforts of Dr Ahmad Oueini and Katia Hazouri.

At the moment it is available as a pdf file. We are trying to gather finance to convert it into a more interactive version.

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Ahmad Oueini: Doctor of education, associate professor of education at LAU (Lebanese American University), US certified trilingual educational evaluator, psychological counsellor, special educator, trainer, published researcher, meeber of the Syndicat Libanais des orthopédagogues, and founding member of the Lebanese psychological association (LPA).


Katia Hazoury: MA, Reading specialist, Author of “My first letters” (Apprentice 2013), a pionnering program to help students with dyslexia in Arabic, PhD candidate at the université libre de Bruxelles, teacher, trainer, published researcher, and member of the Syndicat Libanais des orthopédagogues.