Lobbying at UNESCO

Four representatives from Dyslexia International took part in the 2016 International Conference of NGOs at UNESCO, including Dominique de Mas Latrie who spoke from the podium  for Dyslexia International in the nominations for the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee. (Dyslexia International has a Consultative Status at UNESCO.)

Photos of the incoming Committee with the Regional representatives and newly elected President Mr Philippe Beaussant, International Associations for Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts (CIOFF) here.

It was a pleasure for our team to meet and discuss with Bengt-Erik Johansson, representing the European Dyslexia Association, and also to meet many like-minded NGOs representatives concerned to reduce social exclusion by raising literacy levels and advocating for continuous professional development and support for teachers faced with the challenges of addressing learning diversity in the inclusive classroom.  No child should ever be consigned to failure.

‘The challenge of the digital revolution for NGOs’, the theme of the Plenary, was addressed by outstanding speakers looking at balance between the increasingly pervasive wave if new  technology whilst safeguarding humanitarian and personal integrity as outlined by writer and  philosopher Mr Eric Sadin and Mr Frank La Rue, UNESCO Assistant Director General for Communications and Information.