Lectures and webinars

‘Delayed Neural Commitment and Strengths in Dyslexia’

Lecture: Research conducted and presented by Emeritus professor Angela Fawcett, Swansea University, in collaboration with Professor Rod Nicolson, University of Sheffield. The material presented here is a  Keynote address presented in Singapore as Academic advisor for DAS at the Dyslexia association of Singapore’s Unite SpLD conference, June 2016.

Illiteracy and the prison population

Slides of the presenters for a webinar organized by Dyslexia International in March 2012

Elena Grigorenko

Education in Juvenile Detention Facilities in the State of Connecticut: A Glance at the System

Melanie Jameson

Supporting Offenders with Dyslexia, Why? How?

Linda Siegel

Specific Learning Disabilities and the Justice System

Marion Walker

Approaches to adults with dyslexia