Focus on Nigeria

Recently we have received two pieces of encouraging news from Nigeria.

‘I cannot be more proud of all your effort at ensuring Governments wake up to the plight of people with Special Learning Difficulties and teachers gain the necessary training required to address dyslexia free of charge. I have also benefited from training through Coursera in March and May 2017.

Adrienne Tikolo, Head of Newland Elementary School, Lagos





I have now set up Dyslexia Nigeria. Our focus is on teacher training, as this is the best way to reach and help the multitude of Nigerian children with dyslexia.

‘I took this course to acquire knowledge that can enable me to help children in Nigeria struggling with reading and writing. I am commencing a literacy program that would take me to 30 public schools in Lagos during the next academic term. The course would enable me quickly identify children with reading difficulties and i would be able to help them with the knowledge I have acquired.

I want to say a big thank you to the instructors for the professional manner the course has been put together and delivered.’

Temitope Oladele, Lagos


Dyslexia International warmly thanks Adrienne and Temitope for their positive feedback and looks forward to hearing more about their initiatives.