Welcome to our e-Campus, an Open Educational Resource, where we offer a variety of teaching and training materials selected by our Team or produced by us. There are summaries of scientific papers that have appeared in peer-reviewed journals.

Dyslexia International does not, on principle, buy or sell education. In line with Article 26 of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights we offer our entire online, science-based, teacher-training materials free of charge and accessible for adaptation under Creative Commons License. Our only stipulations are that our own materials should not be used for profit and that the source, Dyslexia International, should be fully acknowledged.

Updated August 2018

Advanced Web Stats and Google Analytics are consulted monthly to find the most popular pages visited and documents downloaded. After the two training courses in English and French, the most popular items in this e-Campus are Ready to use materials, checklists and informal assessments.

Dyslexia International recommends the involvement of three key players working in collaboration:

  • ministerial of education and teacher training officials
  • local university researchers
  • local associations