Asia Pacific Dyslexia Festival 2017

Our colleagues in Japan announce a festival from Saturday 21 October to Sunday 22 October.

‘The Japan Dyslexia Society (NPO EDGE) is hosting the Asia Pacific Dyslexia Festival 2017: Diversity and Identity – Teacher Training – Dyslexia in Asia and the Pacific.

In 2016, we hosted an Asia Pacific Dyslexia Festival & Symposium in Yokohama. This year, we gather persons with Dyslexia, supporters, researchers and parents from Asia Pacific region and Japan, aiming to raise awareness, to spread educational support and to network. This is a step towards the World Dyslexia Forum 2020, scheduled to take place in Okayama, Japan.

During the event, we are planning the following; exchange between young dyslexics from Asia Pacific countries and Japan, sharing of educational situation in Asia Pacific region, display of support tools, workshop by professional artists and architect, exhibition of talented dyslexics etc… We hope you will be able to participate to the event.’

Here is a leaflet with more information.

Dyslexia International supports NPO-EDGE. In turn Edge will be supporting us in the World Dyslexia Forum 2020 planned for the Asia Pacific Region.