Resources for teaching people with dyslexia


CECIAA, France

Technical aids and software for people with dyslexia: voice recognition and text conversion (by speech synthesis), software for visualisation and mind-mapping…

iansyst, UK

iansyst Ltd is a thriving one-stop shop supplier for a comprehensive range of leading software and assistive technology solutions to help people with disabilities.

Microsoft School Technology Innovation Center, Belgium

Integration through collaboration: several easy-to-use examples explain how digital communications systems enable children to connect with their peers or teacher. Monitoring learners helps students keep their notes current, correct and clear. This ensures children confronted with dyslexia follow the rhythm of the lesson; at home they benefit from this assistance whilst studying.

Planet of the Alphas, France

Planet of the Alphas (in French only) is an effective, game-based reading method, equally useful for teaching reading to 4-year olds as for intervention in difficulties with reading (dyslexia, dyspraxia …). The child discovers that each ‘Alpha’ is a character which has the same shape and sound as the letter it represents. Recognised by UNESCO and used by a large number of teachers, the resource has enjoyed huge success in many countries.

Smart Kids, UK

Our goal is to provide fun, easy-to-use products that motivate, educate and reward. Our literacy, numeracy and other resources include a wide range of teacher-created books, games and software. Together, we educate the children of the world by making learning fun.

White Space, UK

Wordshark helps students to read and spell within a structured learning process. 9,000 word database with an option to add your own words. Includes a course in phonics. Often used in mainstream teaching but particularly helpful for those with dyslexia. Numbershark also on view.